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How to Stay Up-to-Date With Mid-South SSP!

Want to stay updated on the latest at Mid-South SSP? Not sure what days the office is open during the summer? Want to learn some new things about the chiropractic profession that you probably didn’t know? Then be sure to check out the office double doors for the latest information. Have you not paid attention to the content on the doors before? Well, here’s what you’re missing:



1) T-Shirts Are Still For Sale!

Want to get your hands on some awesome Mid-South SSP gear? You still can! We still have some Mid-South Spine and Sports Performance T-shirts left for purchase. Want to know what the shirts look like? check out the one hanging on our office door! We will be selling the shirts on sale for $20 in order to try and make room for summer tank tops!

2) Summer Hours

Summer is a busy time for everyone, and at Mid-South SSP we are no different. Moving into the June and July, there will be multiple weekends in which the office will be closed so I can pursue opportunities in continuing education. One of the greatest parts about being in t
he health care profession is the constant push to gain more knowledge. The unfortunate part is that means clo
sing the office sometimes. On top of participating in continuing education, I will also begin teaching seminars for Reflexive Performance Reset throughout the month of July. In order to avoid any kind of confusion with the summer office hours, I’ve posted the hours month by month on the door. I appreciate your understanding and for working around the busyness of the summer.



3) Did YOU Know? 


One of our biggest focuses this summer is to provide more and more chiropractic specific content to help educate our current and future patients on little known facts of chiropractic. I realize that there are often a lot of questions and confusion about the chiropractic profession as a whole, and hope to help shed some light on a few of those subjects. So how can you learn more about chiropractic? Take a few seconds during a rest period to check out some of the infographics on our door about chiropractic. Everything about chiropractic from schooling, to risks and benefits of care, to public perceptions of chiropractic can be found here! Keep paying attention as we add more and more infographics over the summer!

Mid South and Spine and Sports Performance

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