Slow Your Roll

I find that many people often need to be reminded that fat loss secrets don’t exist.

As I was considering this article, I knew that right off hand many people reading are thinking, “yeah man! The charlatans preying on desperate people with magic pills suck!” Yes, they do suck. That’s a boring topic to me though, and one I’ve complained about enough.

I’m talking now about the people who still have some of their wits about them most of the time, have at least some clue about the calories and macros and whatnot, and still fall victim to overanalyzing things like perfecting the refeed day and proper EAA timing. I’m talking about the you and me, the ones likely to read this, not the masses.

We all know that saving for a house or paying off a card or getting married or raising children are day to day, month to month processes that are generally looked at in hindsight after you have something to talk about once you have it done. Yet somehow body recomposition for the vast majority of people myself included remains the granddaddy of the now-now-now mentality.

This manifests in other ways, too. Not just in “perfecting the strategy” but people searching for the perfect meal prep company that ships all your food, fitness journals to keep you on track, meal plan autotemplates, and the like are many times adding as much stress over the process than value. I’m not opposed to any of these companies or products, I think many are great and ran by great people, but the message I want to send here is this: instead of daily being on edge and putting the foot on the gas, have a plan and just try to let things happen. Find a coach you trust, or a company you trust. Ease up a bit. Learn as you go, and enjoy the process, and don’t let the process preoccupy you all day long.

If you are training at least 4 times a week, following ANY basic, non-idiotic nutrition plan, you are kicking the ass out of most people. According to, the current adult obesity rate as of 2017 is 32.8% in Tennessee. According to a report a organized by the AHA and the NIH, it was found that currently 48% of all U.S. adults are living with some form of cardiovascular disease. You are already above average. Give yourself some credit and slow your roll.

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