Simple, Strong, and Passionate

Do not take this as me telling you how to live your life. I’m 26, not married, and don’t have any kids. For most people, that’s enough of an excuse to disregard anything I might say. But if you’re in the same boat as me or open minded enough to listen to what I have to say, hopefully you can absorb a little of my minor wisdom.

One beneficial aspect of being a trainer and gym owner is I get to hang out with all kinds of different people every day. And, I usually get to be around them in an environment in which they are actually themselves and not putting on their business or family “hats”. Overtime I get to see and learn different qualities in people that I like and want to mimic or dislike and want to avoid. After several years of this I have been able to classify three basic qualities I want to strive for in my life.

The first quality is simplicity. I define this as focusing my life towards the people I love and that in which I love. Everything outside of these two is as low as possible on my importance list. In other words, neither the car I drive nor the house I live in will ever give me the happiness I get from being around my family, my friends, my girlfriend or from training. It is not that I will drive a crappy car or live in a crappy house just because, but that I know their role in my life. If my favorite show is on but my Mom wants to go grab dinner or it’s time to work out, that show (despite being my favorite) immediately becomes nothingness. Your money and your time will reflect what is important to you.

The second quality is strength. I am not necessarily referring to physical strength (although I believe it is extremely important as well) but rather strength of life. I know at some point down the road, life is going to get tough. I’m going to get cancer, someone I know is going to die, I’m going to go into a financial/marital/health crisis, etc. I don’t know what it will be but I know it’s inevitable. I want to be prepared for when this day comes. I believe you must be mentally strong, emotionally strong, spiritually strong, and physically strong to handle these types of situations. Hopefully, beating the crap out of myself physically for my entire life will allow me to face the tough times a little better than if I didn’t.

The final quality is passion. I believe everyone needs a passion to pursue whole heartedly. This DOES NOT have to be fitness. In fact, for most people it shouldn’t be. I’m not saying become unhealthy, but do something that develops you as a person and makes you happy. If your passion is music, you consume yourself with developing your musical talents. If your passion is writing, spill your ideas on paper as often as you can. If your passion is Harley-Davidson, you buy every piece of Harley-Davidson swag you can get your hands on and ride your bike till your ass goes numb (love you Dad). Do not waste your life trying to fulfill another person’s dreams or desires. Leave a stamp on the people you encounter and dominate life till you take your last breath.

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