Shooting The Shit With A Strength Coach: Youth Strength and Conditioning Camp

So David and I have been talking about running a youth camp for about eight months and this week it finally kicked off. This is just the start of what we have planned for the future endeavors here at the new NBS Fitness facility. A few things to take note of, these are kids ranging from ages 8-15 years of age. Typically we do not load younglings until around the age of 12 and within our current group we have two over and two below that cut off point. With that being said not a lot of loaded compound movements will be implemented into this camp.

So one may ask, “what then can you possibly do with kids and call it strength and conditioning?”. My answer to this is, teach the kids how to move! The majority of kids now a days do not know how to move, our group struggles with movement patterns that any adult would ASSUME they should be able to do. For example, I had to teach 3/4 of my class how to properly skip …. SKIP!!!! They straight up did not understand the movement pattern. Do you have any idea what that movement is the base for? SPRINTING!

So this week we will be working on full body movement and coordination, lower body strength, upper body strength, and finish with a game implementing everything including conditioning. I will share the workout progression I have set up for them in my next few blog post’s. Here is how day one ended playing Hurdle Tic-Tac-Toe. This game was awesome as it forced the kids to move quickly, change direction, be teammates, and think quickly while on the fly!

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