Shooting the Shit with a Strength Coach – Road Maps

Have you ever gotten the pump so good you start seeing veins trying to flex and show off for you? Its a good feeling, it is like you are looking at a “road map” of gains to a particular body part. To me as a strength coach I greatly appreciate progress, it makes me love what I do so much more. Training someone to be bigger or stronger is like renovating a house, or detailing a car. When you get to the end result it is amazing, and the process was worth it especially when you look back at the journey. This particular client has been with me for quit some time, I actually went to nursing school with him. We ended up staying in contact and he sought me out and trusted me with his training. He ended up running “a stack” teaming up with David for his nutrition and me for his programming / coaching and the results are awesome to see. Check out our final set of the day with seated bicep curls with chains and try to follow the “road map”.

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