Sexy Back = Strong Back

I used to have lower back pain after house cleaning or yard work or just sitting a lot. I have not had nearly the pain that I used to since I have been weight-lifting. (Yes, it could be because I don’t do as much house or yard work, but I am sticking with my story.)
I also try to be very conscious of my posture now (should have listened to my mother) and practice ‘chest out and shoulders back’. I moved my computer monitors to eye level to make sure I don’t slump all day.
If back and shoulder pain are a problem for you then strengthen your back so it can serve you well for life.

Wednesday, June 25
A1: Scap Shrugs w/pause 4×8 15 lbs 
A2: 1 arm barbell rows 4×12 bar on land mine attachment, 10 lbs
Stretchers 2-3 warm up, 4×12, drop, drop 50,drop to 40 only
Barbell Shrugs 3×12 w/pause, rest pause 75,85,95,work 115 
Straight bar scap row/row, 2-3 warm ups, 3×10,rest pause 50,60,work 70

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