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I’ve been in the fitness industry over a decade and have seen the full spectrum of people’s successes and failures. Everyone shows up motivated. Some of them take action. A few less keep up that action in the short term. A few less train smart and follow an intelligent program. And even fewer keep it up in the long term, transitioning well between goals.

More often than not when people lose motivation, when life happens, when they get in a rut, they quit. They may pick it back up eventually for a while but very few people actually begin the fitness journey and continue it through their lives the way we know we should.

Why is this?

I started training when I was twelve years old and have kept it up twenty one years later. There are three things I’ve always had in place that have allowed me to keep it up after two decades. When I was missing one or more, I struggled until I got them back. Those three things are a goal, a plan, and a team.

When was the last time you sat down, wrote out a goal, came up with a plan, and then executed it, leaning on your support system as needed?

If it’s been a while (or never) then we know what we need to do. If you’re stuck in a rut, struggling to stay consistent, struggling to even begin, or realizing you’re missing your full potential, then we can help.

We want to set up a 15 minute goal setting session with you. And we’ll check your body fat on our new Skulpt for FREE! Regardless of where you are in your journey, You’ll be glad you did.

Schedule a Goal Setting Session to get you FREE body fat scan.

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