How to ruin a gym: Venting, On Sale, Chain Gang


So we all know, and experienced, what its like to take pre workout and have to run to the bathroom. If not you will be there at some point in your training days, mark my words. Most individuals who train have a higher protein diet than most, with that being said, it is not uncommon to walk into the bathroom, breath like a normal human being, and get the ripest whiff of an unpleasing aroma. So people got smart and put vents in bathrooms to aid in this allowing circulation. Well, members at our great facility thought it necessary that this is not suitable for our facilities and decide to reach up and close our vents.


On Sale Now

On to some more standard stuff, it looks as though our monster addict who is to lazy to put their shit in the garbage can is back but decided to t forget we offer: White, Orange, Red, Blue, AND Purple zero calorie monsters at the front desk for $3 each. If your lucky and keep this BS up ill see about adding $1 to that price for cleaning cause this crap will probably never stop.



Chain Gang

There are enough of you that do this requiring a gosh dang tutorial! If you use chains and have learned how to choke chains up on one another you have been here more than a few months which means you have a general idea of what you’re doing. Use that general knowledge to undo the M F’ING chains when you are done!!!!! My arms are not as long / short as your’s, neither is anyone else’s, if you can take the time to choke them up for the love of everything holy go through the trouble of unclipping it, or ill choke you!


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