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How to Ruin a Gym Series-Food Left Out

You Think This Is a Game?

Y’all, I cannot make this stuff up, seriously, everything I find in the gym that ends up on this blog is real. This is partially why I take pictures to log the goofiness I show you it is legit. The next three winning moments in this weeks, “How to Ruin a Gym” literally took 1.5 weeks to see / experience and nothing is off limits as you will see shortly.

Stealing, its fine, no really….

First up this week, I’ll shoot you over to NBS owner David Allens blog kicking off the festivities of gym destruction! We actually give you some Ideas on how to do this, free advice is always appreciated right, even if it’s not good advice?

The Fresh Maker

We all appreciate bodily cleanliness including fresh breath but, if you cannot figure out how to use your pockets due to a malfunction or walk over to the trash can I’d rather you have stank ass breath. Every rep I waste on cleaning up behind you takes away from my total and if you are lazy enough to allow this then I will take it as you are trying to sabotage my gains, see how this can spiral out of control?

No one is Safe

You think I have borders here at the gym on who I go after, you are out of your mind! I have been here a  long time; cleaned bathrooms, cut floors, done ALLLLLL the grunt work for a short period of time. Employees try and keep this place clean, except for those who don’t. That’s right everyone is a target, this gets me going just as bad as someone who is too weak to put their weights up and leaving them on the equipment. People got to eat but fail to put it up, now that I post this I am sure I will screw up and leave mine out with everyone waiting to jump on me, or not, cause like putting your weights up, I do that shit! No one wants to see food on the floor any more than a dead spider, bug or gutted out roach.



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