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RPR Meets Finding Strength

Recently I had the opportunity to work with Zach Gallmann, founder and producer of the popular strongman series, Finding Strength, at EliteFTS. Zach had heard a lot about the new RPR method for improving performance and fixing compensations. He had a lot of interest in finding out if RPR could help him, so we got him in during his trip to Memphis for NBS Fitness’ strongman competition on Beale Street and worked him through a session. Zach had been dealing with a left hip issue that were severely limiting his performance as well as causing a good amount of pain. He performed well and improved dramatically after just one visit, but was definitely in need of a second go around. Fortunately I was able to visit him this time in Columbus and set aside some time to work on him.


By now, many of you have been keeping up on some of the content we have been putting out about Reflexive Performance Reset. If you are one of those who have been reading the latest blogs and articles or are an NBS Fitness member and have seen others doing “those weird RPR’s wake-up drills,” you may be curious as to what an actual session of RPR would be like. Maybe you’ve thought about getting in for a session but don’t know what to expect or don’t know if you are one of those people who really need it. Maybe you have heard how it has helped dozens of people over the last couple of months when nothing else worked, but don’t think you are quite “messed up enough” to benefit from RPR. In an effort to continue to educate those following RPR, we decided to do a video segment to give a face to the name and show you what an RPR session looks like and cover some of its implications and questions on who can benefit from this technique. Along with that, you can read Zach’s full write up on EliteFTS of his experience and perspective with RPR as a strength athlete.

*In case you get done watching and wonder how Zach’s training went that day, he went on to hit a 640 squat without pain after not being able to even touch 600 due to pain*



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