Earlier this month I had the the opportunity of taking the Level 1 RPR (Reflexive Performance Reset) course. Long story short, it was more insightful then I ever imagined. As many of my clients and colleagues know I am a firm believer in proper movement mechanics, strength, stability and mobility. All of these play an important role in an active and healthy athlete or lifestyle. We need to teach the body to breathe and move properly in order to perform at it’s best and reduce the chance of injury. This is done through the nervous system, The nervous system controls everything in the body and RPR allows you to understand the nervous system.

A large part of my training programs focus on postural corrective exercises and strengthening exercises. The hard part with these specific movements is teaching a client to fire, stabilize, and control the muscles and patterns used during the movement. Performing RPR on a client allows me to reset and  “wake up” the body for the workout and corrective exercises. Why is that? RPR is a system that enables you to create instant improvements in your life by showing you how to make neurological changes. Thus, making it easier to then go in and perform corrective exercises and strength movements.

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