Reset Your Identity

I had breakfast with a friend the other day. He started asking me very specific questions about how to implement intermittent fasting. My response was not what he expected.

I asked him what was the longest period he had followed a healthy nutrition plan and been consistent with training.

5 years? No.

1 Year? No.

6 months? No.

I said, “If in six months, you’re just going to be back where you are now of not training and not eating right, then it really doesn’t matter.”

Using the lottery as your plan for financial freedom and retirement isn’t smart and neither is jumping on the latest diet or training craze to sweep the nation. Yes, someone does win the lottery and yes, some people do get results but the odds are not in your favor. Instead a better approach to finance is to set goals, establish action steps, develop those steps into habits, and work with someone to keep you accountable. The same applies to health and fitness. If you haven’t won the lottery in the last 20 years of playing, it’s time to change your approach. The same holds true with regards to your health and fitness.

This starts with your mindset and your identity. Most people are stuck in the “I want to exercise and eat right so that I can be healthy” phase. It’s what they want to be but not what they are so when stress hits them or any other obstacle comes up, they default back to their previous habits because that’s how they see themselves and that’s what they know.

Instead, we have to get to the “I exercise and eat right” phase where our default setting, our identity, is the person who does so. When stress happens, we just keeping doing it, maybe with some adjustments, but we continue none the less because that’s who were and that’s what we do.

So how do we get there? The same way we get there with regards to our finances.

1. Establish goals. Figure out what you want to accomplish and why.

2. Establish the plan. Find a system of accountability. Recognize that we’re pretty bad at making the right decisions, so we should probably just let someone else make them for us.

3. Execute action steps. Come up with small, achievable action steps that will start moving ​​ you in the right direction. Don’t focus on the mountain, focus on the next step and gain some momentum.

4. Develop habits and achieve goals. Action steps executed over time will develop habits, habits executed overtime will achieve goals. Let the momentum build.

5. Establish your new identity. Once those habits are in place it will be your new default setting, your new identity. Keep executing the plan and it will continue to become ingrained in you.

If you’ve bounced back and forth over the years and tried multiple diets and training plans and are still struggling, now is the time to stop searching for the next one and realize that none of them will work if your foundation is off. Let’s work to reset your default, reset your identity.

Schedule a No Sweat Intro and we’ll help you set some goals and come up with the plan to reach them.

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