The NBS Fitness Recovery Room allows our clients to repair, recover, and relax from their training with a variety of different modalities. Whatever your needs, the Recovery Room will help you reach your goals faster and feel better in the process.

We offer two kinds of recovery options: self recovery and monitored recovery. Click the options below to see what modalities are available.

We also offer 30 and 60 min personal therapy sessions and packages for those clients in need of a little more in depth therapy options. 

Recovery Room Membership

Unlimited Recovery Room Usage
$20/ MO
  • Sauna
  • Ice Bath
  • Normatech Compression
  • Hypervolt Massage Gun
  • Massage Chair
  • Heat Packs
  • Ice Packs
First Month Free: Sign Up

Need some higher level recovery? Schedule a personal therapy session with our Athletic Trainer Alison. She provides e-stim, ultrasound, cupping, taping, scraping, massage, injury rehabilitation, and personalized recovery plans. Schedule below:

Interested in how we can help you reach your goals? Book a No Sweat Intro below to learn more.