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How You Should Really Use Social Media

There is no better time to live in than right now in 2017, right now in America. I’m not saying this because of some political, personal, or random bias. I’m simply saying this because never before have we been able to do the vast amount of incredible things we are able to do today in our lives either: A) cheaply B) without much effort C) that we couldn’t do even 5-10 years ago D) All of the above. 10 years ago we had dial up internet with maybe 1mbps of download speed. Now, just in case my ego isn’t good enough with the affordable, standard 100mbps, I can choose to pay for 1gbps, just because. In the early 2000s when you wanted to read a book, you probably went to your library and spent 20 minutes looking through a catalog to find where a book was located so you could check it out for two weeks. Now you can go onto Amazon and download a book in seconds to your phone. Speaking of, remember ten years ago all you could do was call and text on your phone and texting? The point is, never in history have we as a society had a better opportunity to improve not only our quality of life, but the quality of life of the people around us. The unfortunate reality, however, is that often these incredible outlets for technology lead us to live a more introverted and negative life. The best example of this, is in social media.


A lot of the activity today on social media is based upon habit, reaction, and cognitive conditioning. After numerous years of accessibility to Facebook on your phone and computer, you have no doubt built up habits in your brain that urge you to check your newsfeed, or open your instagram. I know each and every one of you has taken “two seconds” to check your email, and then all of a sudden come to the realization that you have somehow ended up on Facebook. Don’t act like you haven’t. The same kind of urge unfortunately has developed with negativity on social media. With all the things that we have to be happy about and enjoy and improve our lives technologically, never have there been so much bickering, name calling, and labeling of other people . Please find me one single post on Facebook aside from someone having a baby or getting married in the last 5 years that has a significant amount of comments and not one completely fruitless argument in it. These trends from the millions of users on these platforms dictate what kind of content is fed through the system by advertisers and companies. Why do ads and titles to articles or posts always over exaggerated with phrases like “the results will shock you,” “what happens next will stun you,” etc? Because society only wants to hear about conflict and looks to be angered, negative, and appalled instead of positive and inspired.



So instead of feeding into the negativity on social media, instead try to condition yourself to do something positive or good when you see something negative. It is insane to me how people will spend HOURS arguing over opinions with a person they don’t even know over the most random crap. The end result? Two people that feel enraged and will never see each other  eye to eye both literally and figuratively. It’s a complete waste of all that spare time your technology gave you in the first place. So here’s a tip. Next time you feel the hook of social media to try and engage negatively in a post or comment in argument, don’t. Instead of wasting your time typing on a phone to be just another internet asshole, spend it where it can be used positively. Switch to a post or feed you just saw of a company or small business you value, rate them, and write a review. I guarantee you, this action will have a much higher impact on your life than setting some guy from God knows where straight. That 5 minutes will have a positive impact on a business that you care about by sharing your positive experience with others, you’ll also be reminded of the positive experiences associated with that business. Positivity and negativity have a way of snowballing on themselves. If you spend less time trying to find all the negative things about people and situations on social media, and instead focus on positives, chances are that’s going to carry over throughout your day. People who do nothing but look for negative things in others to bitch about rarely see anything through a positive sense in their own life.

So next time you feel the grasp of social media sucking you into the oblivion of negativity, fight your way out. Help a business out that you value by writing a review or at the very least take TWO SECONDS to rate them 5 stars. In fact, since there’s a good chance you are reading this on social media RIGHT NOW, you can start by rating or reviewing Mid-South Spine and Sports Performance and NBSFitness’s social media outlets. Stop writing 500 word essays that at best fall on deaf ears. Stop being part of the problem and actually use social media for good.


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  1. Tina Bounds

    My Mother used to tell me “If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.” However, I do have lots of nice stuff to say about Mid-South Spine and Sports Performance, NBS Fitness, and Crossfit NBS. I will definitely go to social media and give some 5-star ratings in the near future.

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