Some Quick Tips For Overcoming Injury in Sports

Overcoming Injury is something that has always been a part of sports and always will be. General health and injury are also the most common reason that people have to hang the pads, weights, glove, or whatever other metaphorical sport specific equipment up. So when it comes to competing and training, having to overcome injury is not the result of drawing some sort of unlucky card, they are going to be a part of anyone’s experiences and must be handled just like nutrition, programming, or any other factor that effects performance. The issue is that many people do not approach overcoming injury in the same way that they approach nutrition, programming, etc. It takes personal responsibility, patience, troubleshooting, and reaching out to professionals to help devise a treatment plan to fix dysfunction and pain from injury. Overcoming injury is often not a quick recovery and may be frustrating, but you must trust the process and always keep moving forward.

It’s also incredibly important to not be stubborn and to listen to and learn from others who have come before you and their experiences. This Table Talk with Dave Tate goes through ways to troubleshoot two very common injuries in powerlifting. There are many things you can do on your own, but one of the most important things you can do is to get PROFESSIONAL HELP. Watch the video below to hear Dave Tate’s take on overcoming injury:




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