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Putting the pieces together


Its been a while since I have updated my blog. In October, I got a little sick.  This led me to take a little break from strongman/power-lifting out of necessity.  It also led to a drastic change in training schedule for the pure sake of having reasonable energy levels when I needed them most in my professional life.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little lost at first. I just couldn’t recover appropriately from the heavy compound lifts and event work that I had grown accustomed to. Until this point, I had been training for various strongman events and nixing those from the training agenda left me with little familiar frame work. I tried everything I could think of to keep training how I was accustomed to training with very little success and massive frustration.  When I had burned through all my options, the only course of action I could take was to temporarily focus on isolation/hypertrophy work.

The first couple of weeks were absolutely an adjustment. Even in the past, when I had used hypertrophy focused programs, there was still a huge focus on going balls to the wall and keeping squats/bench/deadlift/OHP in the program in some capacity. I also had the underlying fear that years worth of strength training would be flushed down the crapper….and then it hit me…

There’s more to work on then strength.

So I dug into everything I had left. I started focusing on the hypertrophy work I could do. I started addressing some imbalances I have ignored my entire athletic existence.  As mentioned in a previous blog, I hired Justin Harris to oversee my diet and thus far, I have slowly dropped 16lbs.  I invested in the assistance of Amp nutrition to cook/weigh/package/label the meals I eat when I am away from home throughout the week. I started making a point to do the little things: drink enough water, cut back on caffeine, eat myvegetables, and consume all my meals as prescribed.  I set a bedtime and stuck to it for the most part.

As it would turn out, the structured training/nutritional efforts bled into my actual life.  I started being a bit more focused at work when possible.  My time management went from reactive to proactive. I started setting time capsto focused work, and would get up and move around at different time periods as opposed to “when the urge strikes.”  I worked to get all my computer/administrative work done for the day by the time it was time to go home, so I could spend my at-home time building and furthering my personal relationships that I value.  I stopped working on relationships that were pointless to free up energy for things that mattered.

In addition to these lifestyle steps, I was able to do a few things in the past few months that are obviously not going to be regular occurrences: I paid off a student loan, I moved into a pretty sweet house, and was able to help people who helped me when I was a young’n.

I cannot say that all of this happened because I was under the weather. But it did happen because I was suddenly forced to examine the fine aspects of my life and take personal responsibility.  In the past two weeks, I have put compound movements back into my training..and they feel pretty good. I’m sure there is some re-familiarizing that will have to take place, but I am in the best gym I know of to do exactly that.

Perhaps what felt like a setback was a blessing in disguise. We shall see.

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