Kaki Carter

Kaki is a Texas native that has been doing participating in CrossFit for over 8 years and coached for 3 years. She has a degree in education and her CrossFit Level 1 certification. Kaki joined NBS Fitness in 2019 as the Client Success Manager where she helps clients ensure they reach their health fitness goals the best way possible. 

Kaki's Blog

Honoring Veterans Through WODs

This Wednesday, our country will be honoring our brave servicemen and women through Veterans Day. On this day, we give thanks and recognition to our veterans who have given so much to protect our country. Many will be celebrating by volunteering, giving remembrance, and spending time with our heroes. You can even pay your respects...
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How Low is Low Enough?

In this article we will break down squat depth and discuss just how low is optimal.  Simply put, a squat is defined as an individual lowering their hips from a standing position down then standing back up. There are two depths we will define in this article, full depth and breaking parallel.  A full depth squat...
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