Kaki Carter

General Manager

Kaki is a Texas native that has been participating in CrossFit for over 8 years and coaching for 3 years. She has a degree in education and is CrossFit Level 1 certified. Kaki joined NBS Fitness in 2019 as the General Manager and Client Success Manager where she helps support clients on their different fitness journeys and focuses on making sure they have an amazing experience. 

I LOVE this gym. All of the staff are friendly and attentive, addressing me by name and always asking how they can help. They are encouraging and completely personalize everything for each person. Training and nutrition coaching is 100% worth it! Never thought I would be excited to go work out and I genuinely look forward to being at this gym each day!
Cheyenne E.
This is the only gym I have ever joined where the management team seems to actually care whether or not I come. I participate in the CrossFit classes here and appreciate the coaching staff. I am new to CrossFit and they work with me to scale the exercises so that I can still fully participate. This is not your typical gym, and I appreciate it so much because of that.
Rachel F.
Excellent gym. Wonderful staff.
Will G.
Don't Wait!

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