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Corey Galbraith

My mission is simple: 

Help the most amount of people I can.

I’m about getting measurable results that my clients can see in the mirror and increasing their fitness confidence. 

I love seeing what that increase in confidence does for my clients.  It gives them injury freedom, personal freedom, and more quality time with their loved ones. 
That’s why I love what I do. 
Corey helps new and excited rookies, executives, and professionals in the fitness industry increase their strength, decrease their bodyfat, and improve their fitness while learning to enjoy the process. 
Corey has a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science from the University of Memphis. 

Corey's Blog

Turn Leg Day Up a Notch with Plyo Complexes

Most of us are after well-developed, proportionate, and polished-looking legs. Legs that complement your upper body without overpowering it. Legs that are athletic and agile, as well as powerful. So how can you develop legs that look outstanding, are highly versatile and downright explosive? I like to do Plyo Complexes. These are a strength-oriented movement...
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AVOID This To Live Longer (3 BS Strength Training Misconceptions)

If you don’t want to keep adding candles to your birthday cake every year then this article is not for you. Still here with us?  Awesome! Have you ever skipped the weights before at the gym? I know I have. The truth is you could be impacting your lifespan without realizing it. How? One of...
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