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Brandon Reilly

A competitive swimmer growing up, and weight room addict throughout high school and college, Brandon discovered the sport of CrossFit in 2008 while studying Health and Human Performance at University of Memphis. He received his degree in 2010 after completing an internship at Memphis’ first CrossFit box, and immediately attained his CF-L1 thereafter. He continues seek knowledge and experience, and strives to take what he has learned from his mentors, fellow coaches, and personal experience to help his clients overcome barriers to achieve their respective goals.
Brandon rediscovered his love for the water and endurance training when he completed a Sprint Triathlon in 2014. He has since completed an Olympic distance triathlon, finished in the top 10% in four 25K trail runs, and is always looking for new challenges to face.
“I know how valuable fitness has been in helping me to improve my quality of life, achieve my goals, and overcome challenges. I am passionate about helping others discover their abilities through commitment to the process of transforming one’s health.”

Brandon Reilly, BS, CF-L1
Health and Performance Coach

Brandon's Blog

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Today I would like to contribute to a topic that people have been fighting about on the internet since its inception: Nutrition. Every couple of years, a fad diet will emerge with its very own rules, restrictions, and claims of being the best way for all human beings to eat and live. We’ve seen Zone,...
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Why We Sell 1stPhorm Supplements

Supplements are a popular topic among not only your friends at the gym but the general population. There is a supplement for just about everything these days. The industry has grown tremendously in the last few decades, and with that growth, endless options have become available to us, making it more difficult to know which...
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Nutrition: Don’t Go it Alone.

In the New York Times Bestseller “Make Your Bed”, U.S. Navy Admiral William H. McRaven discusses the importance of Teamwork, specifically the need to rely on others for help through difficult tasks. One difficult task that we face on a daily basis is our nutrition. With so much conflicting information available at our fingertips on...
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Pre-Workout Nutrition to Fuel Your Performance

Do you sometimes hit a wall during your training sessions? You know, that feeling when you are struggling with a weight that usually goes up much faster, or tapping out halfway through your intervals? Maybe you’re new to training or getting back in the swing of things and can’t seem to find your energy. Wherever...
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Becoming a Better Mover: Training Movements over Muscles

Properly planning your training days to ensure you are hitting all of the different muscle groups (without creating imbalances) can be a tall order. With endless combinations of programming variables and schools of thought regarding training, it can be very difficult to decide what exercises to include in your training program. However, breaking the body...
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