Brandon Reilly

A competitive swimmer growing up, and weight room addict throughout high school and college, Brandon discovered the sport of CrossFit in 2008 while studying Health and Human Performance at University of Memphis. He received his degree in 2010 after completing an internship at Memphis’ first CrossFit box, and immediately attained his CF-L1 thereafter. He continues seek knowledge and experience, and strives to take what he has learned from his mentors, fellow coaches, and personal experience to help his clients overcome barriers to achieve their respective goals.
Brandon rediscovered his love for the water and endurance training when he completed a Sprint Triathlon in 2014. He has since completed an Olympic distance triathlon, finished in the top 10% in four 25K trail runs, and is always looking for new challenges to face.
“I know how valuable fitness has been in helping me to improve my quality of life, achieve my goals, and overcome challenges. I am passionate about helping others discover their abilities through commitment to the process of transforming one’s health.”

Brandon Reilly, BS, CF-L1
Health and Performance Coach

Brandon's Blog

Gut Health
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Training Disciplines: Choosing the Right Approach for You

WE ARE OPEN! It’s been great to see so many of you over the last few weeks. We are all, now more than ever, aware of how important it is to sustain and improve our health and fitness, and we are all excited to be out of our homes more often and able to use...
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Overcoming Obstacles at Home

We’re into week six of social distancing in the US and week five of the safer-at-home order in Memphis. I hope this email finds everyone safe and healthy. How have you approached the obstacles we are all facing? If you are anything like me, the past few weeks have exposed you to a wide range of...
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Immune System Support

Coach Brandon Reilly discusses some ways to optimize your immune system.
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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Hey everyone! I hope your week is going well and that you’re making time to engage in activities that energize you. How have your workouts been going in the new year? Are you chasing new goals, or continuing your pursuit toward long-term ones? Are you training for an upcoming event, or enjoying the challenge of...
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The Importance of Hydration
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Take a Deep Breath and Keep Moving

“Take a deep breath.” “Just stay moving.” “Two more breaths, then get back to work.” How often have you been in the middle of a workout and your trainer or workout partner says one of the above statements to you? We often overlook how important our breathing is, not only during the course of a...
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The Importance of Competition

Competition can come in many forms. While not everyone who walks through the doors of the gym is looking to compete at the highest level, I believe it is important for everyone to find some level of competition in their health and fitness endeavors, even if that means simply competing against yourself. This month at...
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Food Prep Image


Today I would like to contribute to a topic that people have been fighting about on the internet since its inception: Nutrition. Every couple of years, a fad diet will emerge with its very own rules, restrictions, and claims of being the best way for all human beings to eat and live. We’ve seen Zone,...
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