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Other blogs I follow and why

So I came across this idea while watching a discussion on social media between several EliteFTS team members. A few of them in particular I check up on because the information they share pertains to either my work or common interest’s. Since my work is in strength and conditioning,  you all are a part of NBS, and you stumble to my page to see the information I share I feel as though you may get some good reads checking out others I keep tabs on.

Brandon Smitley: Part of team EliteFTS (athlete) and puts out a lot of information on “how to’s”. Every so often he will come up with a new exercise variation which is awesome and he usually does a “pick of the week” where he highlights the best articles (in his opinion) which are always helpful.

Vincent Dizenzo: Team EliteFTS (Coach). Vinny has been on the team a LLLOOOONNNGGG time and has many accolades in the strength realm. He is currently, and has been for the past 3 years, losing weight and is almost down to 198 from 300!!! He shares his successes, struggles, and helpful information. He is also a bench expert in my eyes.

Nate Harvey: Team EliteFTS (Coach) who is the head strength and condition ing coach for Buffalo University. He prep’s a lot of throwers for the school and I have a current client who throws so I have been following his recent stuff pertaining to that.

Casey Williams: Team EliteFTS (athlete) he has been through a bunch of tough times and gives good insight how to deal with struggle. He and Yessica (also EliteFTS) have launched a youtube series, “coupled in strength” that shows the good and bad times of a relationship where both parties are int the strength and conditioning field.

Ben Pollack & Joe Schillero: Team EliteFTS (Coach & Athlete) both have very good information when it comes to mental preparedness in training and outside of training. I struggle with mental focus when attempting heavy lifts and struggle with composure after missing lifts and how it affects me.

Hope you all can gain knowledge from what these people share as I have in the past.

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