Nutrition: Current Set Up

gunshowOver the past few years, I have become a bit better about healthier habits.  Three years ago, after my first show, I did the bare minimum: I would eat breakfast, pack a lunch and come home and eat whatever.  Because I was so active (and 24-25), I really didnt see any negative consequence and stayed within 15lbs of stage weight.  I wasnt lean, but I wasnt fat.  The following summer, I jumped the gun and competed again.  Between a half hearted attempt at dieting and just have zero appreciable habits to get through the hard times, I was able to bring the worst package I had ever brought to stage. I laugh at this, because in all reality, I knew better than to think I was pouring it all into my prep at that time.  I took 1.5 years off and went back to the basics: I ate 6 meals throughout the day that had structure.  Even if I didn’t feel like eating my planned meals, I ate.  When I felt like binging, I didnt.  I surrounded myself with really great people and was able to make a pretty good comeback when it was time to prep again.

This was good for me to experience because I saw that the hard work was absolutely worth it.  Further, the habits I made during the off season were easy to fall back into once the show was over.  I didn’t blow up, I didn’t experience the post-show blues.  I was able to fall back on the habits I had created over the off season and managed to keep my weight gain to about 10lbs.  I stayed healthy enough to dive right into training for powerlifting and strongman.  In effort to always be progressing, I decided that I needed to be held accountable to someone even in the offseason.  After a bit of research, I hired Justin Harris and will continue using him for the foreseeable future.  So far, my weight has come from 161 to right at 150, making the two lb cut to 148 in the next couple weeks a breeze.  We haven’t had to cut any calories, which was unexpected, but nice.  I wont go into much detail about the exact layout, because I didn’t create the diet and cant speak to the design process.

–I have three dietary templates that I use on various days of the week.  While all macros change each day, I match my carbs up with certain training days.

–2 high days per week: 315ish g Carbs , lower protein, low fat (one day has a cheat meal at the end of it, which usually tacs on ~1200 extra calories)

–3-4 moderate days: 180g g carbs, moderate pro, low fat

–1-2 low days at 75g carb, higher pro, moderate fat

–HIIT 5x/week at the end of my training



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