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No one said this was going to be easy

“No one said this was going to be easy”

This phrase is something everyone has heard at some point in their lifetime. (If not, I suggest getting into a hobby that does not entail playing video games). This phrase can be aptly applied to School, Sports, Religion, or Work. Basically anything in life.

I would like to look at this from a fitness perspective, (‘cause duh, I am in the fitness industry, and I know little else).

Recently my lifting priorities have changed. None of us train the same way every time we step in the gym. Different goals call for different approaches. And the phases of life can alter one’s goals. We all go through phases of life that allow for training to be a higher priority and other phases in which training takes a back seat. During some phases, training needs to be changed up to target a certain characteristic as conditioning, muscle-building, strength, or sport-specific skills. Shoot, even if you just want to look better naked there are phases to the process.


Currently, I am in a phase where I straight-up suck at the requested goal for each training session. That goal is to isolate one muscle group at a time. I’m a gosh-dang powerlifter. I use all the muscle groups, even when walking. (You may know this as the penguin waddle). Isolation exercises are just not what I’m used to.

Hence the title of this article: “no one said this was going to be easy”.

Nothing in the realm of strength training is meant to come easy. If you look at anyone else in the gym “further along” than yourself, be slow to chop down their success. You do not know how hard they worked to get there. Most view me as good at powerlifting. Many do not know how many injuries I’ve been through during the last 5 years. Or that there are things I STILL struggle with that have not changed OVER 5 YEARS. Being humbled at my last meet has allowed new perspective which will make me slow down in each phase that I am in, focus on the current goal at hand, and not move on until I am qualified to do so. As always, Live, Learn, Pass On.


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