Nightmare Revisited


I figured this is a somewhat appropriate time of the year to pick this movie, and it just so happens that I watched it yesterday for the first time in a while. The movie I am referring to is Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. I know, wait. Isn’t that a kids movie? Maybe, I was a kid when I first saw it, but I’ve loved it ever since. I can’t really think of any movies that Tim Burton has had a hand in that I haven’t enjoyed. I like the music in this movie, I like the animation, I like the characters, and I like the story. Plus, you can really watch it during Halloween, or Christmas because it’s fitting for both. I find it so hard to believe that they’re still people that have not seen this movie, but I’m sure there may be a couple reading this that haven’t. A couple of years ago I came across an album titled Nightmare Revisited. It has artist like Korn, Marilyn Mansion, and Amy Lee covering songs from the film. Iv’e also recently discovered that there is now a Nightmare Before Christmas play. Although I am not aware of any times, or dates, or cities for the play.  The film is now over 20 years old, which is hard to believe, but is just as good as the day it came out. If you’re looking for a movie to watch over the holidays that the whole family can enjoy, then I would suggest giving this one a watch.


Here are a couple of the covers from the album Nightmare Revisited.



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