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More Ways to Interact Than Ever at Mid-South Spine and Sports Performance!

At Mid-South Spine and Sports Performance, we are always looking for ways to adapt and improve the experience of all our patients. Since officially opening in mid-April of last year, Mid-South SSP has grown from just a table in the middle of a gym. to a true office. We have gone from word of mouth referrals between NBS Fitness members to an open provider for all athletes and active individuals looking to capitalize on the performance gains of chiropractic, including the official chiropractic provider for the University of Memphis. It is my goal to consistently improve bring new and engaging ways for our patients at Mid-South Spine and Sports Performance to interact and improve their health. Because of this, we are rolling out some new features and services for you, the patient, that are geared to create better and more convenient options for care. This begins with the completion of our new website, It allows for a central hub for the patient to keep you informed on the latest and greatest at Mid-South Spine and Sports Performance. Although, we will introduce and explain each new feature individually, here are the highlights of the new face of Mid-South SSP:

  1. Online scheduling for new and existing patients
  2. NEW! – Chiropractic Home Visit scheduling
  3. Information on all services available at Mid-South Spine and Sports Performance
  4. Links to our social media outlets so you can keep up to date on the latest news and article write-ups .

Take some time to check out the new website, follow and share our Instagram @midsouthssp and Facebook page, or rate us and let us know what you think about Mid-South Spine and Sports Performance!

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