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Why Movement Screens Are Important

We are all looking to get the best results from our training. However, are we getting the best results if we don’t really know what we need to improve? This is where a movement screening comes in handy. The results from movement screening can help you program your training to improve and restore your physical limitations.Physical or movement limitations can lead to improper movement patterns, posture, and over time can lead to injury. Movement screenings are also a good tool to use when trying to establish the cause of pain or injury.

There are two reasons why I like to screen my clients. First reason being if I don’t know what to fix, I don’t know what to program. And if I don’t know what to program then I’m just guessing on what needs to be done to get the most out of my client’s training. For example, if one of my clients fails the tow touch test, it’s going to be hard for me to teach them movements that involve hinging the hips. This is because if they don’t know how to properly hinge their hips it will be hard for them to get in the proper position to preform the lift. The second reason I like to screen is for personal record keeping. What I mean by this is that sometimes in the gym it feels like we aren’t improving or making progress. However, improvement isn’t always amount lifted, weight loss or aesthetics. Knowing where we started from allows me to keep track of what we have improved on and what we have not. If you have never been screened I suggest you get screened just to see where you are and if there is anything you need to improve on!

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