Motivation is not what you need…

this may leave you a little butt hurt.

I am not your cheerleader or your personal motivator. Matter of fact, I don’t even like the word ‘motivation’. Motivation is temporary and it’s an excuse you give yourself to not workout or train regularly. It’s something you tell yourself when you’re just plain being lazy. “I just can’t get motivated to go to the gym today.” Or “I’m just not motivated.” I’ll tell you what you’re not…you’re not disciplined and you’re not committed.

There is nothing wrong with you. You have a choice every morning just like the rest of us do. Stop telling yourself a load of crap about how tired you are, how hard you had to work or how difficult your morning is. Stop giving yourself an out every turn of the corner. You’re probably so accustomed to doing it that you don’t even realize it’s what you do. You have created an arsenal of excuses and they roll right off your tongue without you even realizing it. You wasted the day, and you sit satisfied that you dodged a tough workout. Well, what you actually did is you sabotaged yourself and you missed an opportunity to get better! You missed an opportunity to do something that makes you a stronger person mentally and physically. Additionally, you missed an opportunity to make yourself a better HUMAN BEING. YES, commitment to your health daily does make you a better human being!

I am here to help make you better but I cannot do it all. You are a part of my team, therefore you are a teammate. Produce like you’re a teammate. Work like you’re a teammate. Elevate yourself because you are a part of a team. Do your best to make yourself proud, don’t do it out of fear of me! Yes, my wrath will rain down on you if you’re not meeting the necessary expectations that are so evidently achievable by you! My wrath should not be your single source of ‘motivation’, however. You need to be kicking your own ass! You need to do something more because CAN do something more. Expect more of yourself and you will achieve more. Keep the bar low and low is where you will stay.

Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.
-Mahatma Ghandi

Half assed effort is futile.
-Angie Foree

Every one of us is mentally and physically stronger than we allow ourselves to believe. The insecurities that we have, give us an out. When you choose not to believe in yourself (yes it is a choice) then you most assuredly will produce as a weak minded person…which means you’re really not producing. If you believe you are a strong person then that means you produce as that said strong person, which means we must raise the bar, suck it up and just go. The great thing is, you get the choice.

What are you going to choose daily, weekly? To be weak, or to be strong? To go to the gym or to find an excuse? Motivation or commitment? Your choice for sure but don’t come to any of my classes if you’re going to half ass anything. I want full effort…full victory.

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