Monthly Mobility – March

Lately, I have been asked many questions regarding certain mobility exercises and stretches. So, I decided to start a monthly mobility blog. This month’s mobility exercise is called 90/90. This exercise is great in helping to increase the internal and external rotation of the hips. It’s not the most comfortable exercise, but it’s very effective.

So, how does it work? Get in the position the pictures below are showing.

Your front and back leg should be at a 90 degree angle, hence the name. Lean forward till you feel a stretch in the glute of your lead leg. Then, move back up slowly and lean forward again. By doing this, we are working on external rotation. Now, for internal rotation. Staying in the same position, turn your body to your back foot and then lean slightly down on your foot until you feel a stretch.


Then, slowly come back up to your original position and do it again. After completing both sides, go ahead and switch your legs around and repeat the process.

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