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Mind Over Muscles

Typically on my commute in the mornings to work, I listen to some sort of publication, podcast, or lecture on either business, sports, or politics. Specifically a few podcasts and publications are particularly applicable to either training, business, or both. I also like branching out a bit from the medical/chiropractic side of  healthcare a bit as well, as I think it keeps me sane and constantly humbled by the wealth of information in different specialties of the health care sector that have a direct affect on conditions or people I deal with on a daily basis. One of my favorite podcasts is the Mind Side podcast with Dr. Bhrett McCabe, which deals with more psychology.

Dr. McCabe is a sports psychologist and former athlete who works more specifically with the mental struggles that athletes have to handle on a daily basis. Although I have dabbled into sports psych a small bit in my schooling, it is always interesting to me how big of an impact the brain has on any given situation. This particular podcast has to deal specifically your mind’s ability to affect your performance if you allow it to condition your thoughts. The podcast discusses that you, yourself can be your own worst enemy if you allow yourself to be consumed by negativity and mental barriers. This is definitely applicable in business as well as training, as the mind is crucial in how you approach a meeting, new patient, a max effort lift, etc. If you’ve got 20 minutes laying around, I definitely recommend checking it out:

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