Mid-South Spine and Sports Performance Update: Hours, Patient Portal, Services.

There have been a lot of changes this summer, and Mid-South Spine and Sports Performance has been no exception. Since moving to the new location in May, we have added multiple services and extended times out for members and public to provide more access to more types of care, more efficiently. Along with these changes has come some confusion and hang ups, so I would like to address some of the measures I, along with NBS Fitness have made to further smooth out the process. Here are three thing you may not know about Mid-South Spine and Sports Performance:

1. We Are Now Completely Online

For new patients, becoming a patient has never been easier. In a short process, you can get set your own online account with Mid-South Spine and Sports Performance. NBS Fitness has added a New Patient Registration Form on its website in the “Dr. Detweiler” tab underneath Team NBS. Once this form is filled out and received, we will create an online patient profile using the information you provided and a confirmation email will be sent to you to finalize the account. Once the account is finalized, you will have access to online appointment scheduling, personal messaging for any needs you may have, as well as access to online documentation to fill out for your initial visit. These processes are geared towards increasing efficiency and making sure that your visit is not tediously tied down with red tape. 

2. We Have Expanded Our Hours 

Since the move, Mid-South SSP’s hours have changed and also expanded. Hours are now geared towards availabilities both in the morning and afternoon throughout the week, as well as access to care on the weekend. These hours are:

Tuesday: 1pm – 7pm

Thursday: 9am – 1:30pm

Saturday 9am – 1:30pm

This is double the amount of hours offered at NBS Fitness’ previous location, and we feel it will allow for access to care at all times during the week.

3. We Now Offer Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics.


Foot Levelers 3 Arch Support System

Almost as important as the spine are the feet. The feet are the main connection of our body to the external environment and must manage and support intense amounts of forces from our body to this external environment. Foot Levelers is an orthotic brand that allows for a custom made orthotic to be fit to you and helps support the three arches of the foot. They can be used to support abnormalities in the foot or preventatively to ensure that abnormalities do not develop. Stay tuned for future articles outlining why the feet are such a vital part of human performance and normal activity.


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