Meme of the Month: I like to Squat!

I like to squat

When you’re a power-lifter and you spend all of your spare time at the gym and finally have to relate to people outside of your world.  When you run out of things to talk about with the squat you can always switch things up a little bit and talk about how your bench press is coming and then maybe your deadlift.  I’m sure that people will be entertained for hours.  If you run out of training talk you will then dazzle the outside world with all of the reasons why you are responsible for the deaths of millions of chickens, because we all eat an inordinate amount of chicken and rice!  This is why I typically hang around the same group of people that I train with.  This way I avoid the terribly awkward conversations of people telling me that my passions are bad for my joints and that I will do too much damage to my body.  I particularly like the conversations with people that tell you that your passion is bad for your joints when this particular individual is holding a deep fried cotton candy ball in their hands.  I recommend that you find some talking points to ease the awkward moments, maybe bring a few index cards with notes about current events.

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