Membership Pause/Change Request

Membership Pause Policy: You may pause your service based membership for up to 1 month, one time, over any 12 month period. This is not available for 24 hour access or Recovery Room memberships. Once you submit your pause request, you will be charged for your next month renewal and your membership will be put on hold for up to one month, during which time you will not have access to the facilities or services associated with your membership. Once your pause has finished, your membership will be renewed and access to facilities and services restored. Billing will resume as well with your next payment coming out after the end of the prepaid period.

For example: If you membership renews on January 10th and you submit a pause request on the January 8th, you will be charged your normal renewal rate on the 8th and the membership will be pause through February 8th. Your next bill will be charged on March 8th as you will have pre-paid for February.

Please fill out the information below, submit, and we’ll contact you to process your request.