Membership Cancellation Page

I don’t want you to quit

Sometimes people move away and that’s sad. We’re going to miss you but wish you the best of luck in your new journey.

If you’re not moving away, I want you to know that I get it. Sometimes life makes it tough to do the things we want to do, or know we should do. Sometimes work is crazy, our schedules are hectic, our budgets change, our drive is longer, or we just lose motivation and don’t want to wake up early. This gets frustrating and we decide to take a break or quit. We convince ourselves that we’ll pick it back up as soon as…fill in the blank. Unfortunately that rarely happens. I don’t want you to become another statistic. I care about you and I know the best version of you is a healthy and fit one. I also know that there are only negative consequences on the other side of quitting and I want you to know that we can help you navigate through whatever it is you’re going through. Before you move on, take a second to read our mission below. If you decide this is your only option then know we’re still here whenever you decide to come back. But if you read it and you decide you don’t want to be another statistic, click the button below and we’ll show how to find success.

“Health and fitness is vital for human flourishing. In order for people to realize their highest mental, emotional, spiritual, and social potential, their physical needs must be met first. The human soul suffers when the vessel in which it is housed is not maintained. Thus, the negative consequences of failure, for whatever reason, to develop the health and fitness of the human body are felt and seen in areas beyond just the physical, outward appearance and the affects extend beyond the individual into their friends, family, and society as a whole. Likewise, the positive impacts of actively pursuing individual health and fitness spread to those in our immediate social circle and beyond. Taking care of the body we have been given is the appropriate response to our gift of life and the proper stewardship of the vehicle through which we impact the world. To do so is good, it is valuable, and it is necessary‚Ķbut it is not always easy. The mission of NBS Fitness is to provide people with the facility, the community, and guidance necessary to help people achieve their full physical potential and, in doing so, help them to flourish in other areas of their lives so that they may be impactful to those around them.”