Latest EliteFTS Article: Shooting Knowledge Applied to Training

“Growing up, my dad would take my brother and I shooting on a regular basis. I remember getting a BB gun at around age six and taking it into the back yard to shoot Coke cans off the fence. This love for guns and shooting has continued to grow over the years. Another passion of mine since the age of 14 has been training, and I have been competing in iron sports for a little over eight years.

Just recently I had some setbacks in my training with some knee pain that won’t seem to go away, and a torn labrum and rotator cuff that are giving me issues. So, I took a step back from preparing for a powerlifting competition and focused my energy towards shooting sports, specifically pistol and 3-gun matches. In doing so, I have gone from someone who had a decent amount of experience and was relatively advanced in one sport, to someone who is a true beginner in another sport. Throughout this transition, I have learned many lessons that apply to both sports. This article will discuss several of them.”

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