Kipping Pull Up, Part 2

Last article we established that the hollow hold position is the most fundamental movement in creating success in kipping pull ups.

This article we will add the arch or ‘Superman’ positon, which is the opposing position to the hollow hold.

Hollow hold









It’s important to maintain contraction throughout your spinal erectors, glutes and ham strings in this position while simultaneously pressing the shoulders open. This position can be exceptionally challenging for those who have poor shoulder mobility. I recommend practicing with a PVC pipe and partner until your shoulders are open enough to bare weight (hanging from the bar).

Bar Hangs
Now it’s time to move to the bar.
I actually prefer a grip with the thumbs over the bar (monkey grip) as opposed to around the bar, this allows the lats to get more involved. However, for safety sake, I often ask that the thumbs be wrapped until proper grip strength has been reached.

When in hollow position, maintain contracted abs and think of pushing the bar away from you.

When in Superman, remember to maintain contracted erectors, glutes and hamstrings and press open (through the shoulders) as much as possible.


Practicing hollow hold/Superman on the bar will take a bit of coordination but with some practice, it will come together.

Feet should always be together and there should be no ‘angles’ in either  position.

Knees and Hips should not be bent










The hip is your power source in the kipping pull up. Any time the knees are bent, you are removing the hips’ power and transferring that power to the feet.  This will result in a kip, but is very inefficient.

Now that we have learned how to create momentum on the bar with the Superman and hollow hold, next article we will discuss how to transfer that  momentum into a pull up.

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