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Article Summary: Joint Health Maintenance Tips

I recently ran across a great article at EliteFTS on joint maintenance and it was spot on awesome that I decided to share it. With joint and musculoskeletal pain being one of the most prevalent conditions in today’s society, there are a lot of poor resources full of articles and experts trying to sell you on the latest and greatest tool or supplement out there to magically fix all of your pain. This write-up gives a clear and concise outline of four great methods to maintain joint health.

Specifically for the target population of those who train on a regular basis, this article outlines a few very important solutions for proactively addressing some of the long term problems that face today’s lifter. By implementing these 4 steps, you will be well on your way to effectively addressing these wear and tear-type injuries. Hydration, soft tissue therapy, joint health supplementation, and proper joint loading are all factors that affect lifters in such small increments at a time that by the time they begin to become a nuisance, damage has already been done. Whether you are noticing the affects of deficits in these categories or are looking for a way to proactively work on preventing injury, this is a great start.




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