Jennie Allen: June 17 -Heavy Weights and Stick Arms

Tuesday -arms

A1: Rope Pressdowns w/pause 3×10 -40,50,50

A2: Single Arm Chain Extensions 1.5 reps 3×10 -single ch w/ ball

Tricep Hell (1,2,3,4 board) 5 reps each till failure- 65,70,75 finish

B1: Cross Body Hammer Curls 3×10 – 15 DB

B2: EZ Curl Bar 1.5 reps 3×10 -15 lb total

Fat Grip EZ Curl Bar Preacher Curls 2-3 warm ups, 4 drop sets -WU bar,15 total,drop 10,5,bar last hold against resistance

Forearm Curls (alternate Supinated and pronated) 4xfailure – 35 lb bar

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