Jennie Allen : "Dedication"

After sharing a photo of Jennifer Bean in her physique competition one of the comments posted was admiration for her dedication. That’s a great word to describe what it takes to compete at this level. It’s hard to explain this kind of motivation and perseverance to people who are not gym rats. Although you are competing against others the true competition is against yourself, pushing past wanting to quit, the hunger and the disapproval of some.
I am so very proud of Jennifer and happy that we were able to be there to support her.

Monday, June 16 (hamstrings,calves, triceps)

Incline Hamstring Curls 2-3 warm ups 3×10, 1xmax w/partials- 5 lb plates

RDLs against bands no lockout 2-3 warm ups 3×15, 2-3 rest pause sets -WU bar,65,95 (3sets, pause,then max- lost grip so had stop)

Reverse Hypers 2-3 warm ups, 4 drop sets, 1xmax partials -25,50,75,100, for max 75,50,25

Leg Press 3×1 min max (1 min break) single -45 plate

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