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I’m Baaaaaccckkkk! New session after a week off from weights.

Since Jeff and Liz were going to be out of town I let David have the week off and I ran at the park with my pup, Teddy, for a change. Running sucks! I am glad to be back in the gym.
I need to work on getting deeper in the hack squat. I really struggled when I got down there.

New Work Out-Day 1

Laying Single leg curls 3xMax -WU 5, 10, 12.5,15 (6 reps)

Hack Squat 6×6 -WU no weight, 25, work 45

Reverse Hypers Heals Together Long Strap 3×15 -WU 25, work 45

X-Band Walks 20 yards x2 -small black band

Glute Bridges 100 total 60 + 40

Planks 10×10 sec x3 sets

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