How can NBS Fitness help you in 2016?

I recently read the book “Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain” by John Ratey. The book talks about the positive chemical, hormonal, physical, and psychological effects that exercise can have on the brain. As well as how exercise can have specific positive effects on learning, depression, anxiety, aging, menapause, and pregnancy. We all know exercise is good for you…well, actually, it’s GREAT for you! We are all aware of the positive effects it can have on our bodies but I think our culture fails to recognize the positive effects it can have on our mental and emotional health as well. Too often we focus solely on exercising to improve our physique. Wanting to look good naked is a good goal, in fact anything that gets you moving is fine, but there are vast benefits beyond just how you look. What we don’t often realize is that taking continuing to take tiny steps can take you farther than a couple jumps that lead to exhaustion and quitting. In 2016, NBS Fitness wants to help you in any way possible to help reach your health and fitness goals. Regardless of your goals we want to have an impact on you. We want you to get the results you’ve always wanted and while we stay committed to being Memphis’ Best Gym.

Here is a list of everything we offer and how it can help you.


Our facility is 24 hour access so you can come train anytime, any day. We have every piece of strength training equipment you could ever want including a full powerlifting setup, strongman setup, and olympic lifting equipment. We have plenty of plate loaded and selectorized pieces as well as several pieces of cardio equipment. We have shower facilities as well. Later, in the spring of 2016 we will be moving into an even bigger and more badass facility with more equipment and nicer amenities. A membership puts you in the community you need for motivation, accountability, and support.

Personal Training

Our personal trainers are without a doubt the best trainers in the city. They all have college degrees, top level certifications, are competitive athletes, and have been through our trainer development program. Working with a personal trainer gets you a customized program with one on one coaching. If you’re looking for maximal results as fast as possible, personal training is the way to go.

Group Training

This option gives you the expert advice and coaching from the best trainers in Memphis at an affordable price along with a small group for encouragement and support. Small group training has been shown to be one of the most effective methods for people to build the habits needed to get the results they want. 

Powerlifting Team

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran with multiple meets under your belt or considering competing for the first time, our men’s and women’s powerlifting team can give you the programming, camaraderie, and team work needed to put your best numbers up on the platform.

Online Programming

If you’re looking for some guidance but not necessarily in need of a trainer to take you through the process, our online programming can give you the expert programming you need without the cost of a trainer. Get years of schooling and experience poured into the perfect program to help reach your goals at an affordable price.

Online Nutrition

Nutrition plays such a vital role in health and performance, don’t leave it up to chance or follow some 30 day challenge your neighbor talked you into trying. Work with one of our expert nutritionists to get the guidance and accountability needed for great results.

SBD Clinics

Our squat bench and deadlift clinics are sold out hits every time we host them. If you’re looking to get your technique dialed in, SBD clinics are the way to go. 

We’re ready for you. Come in, get signed up, and get ready to rock and roll.

Call 901-244-6529 or go to the contact page to send us a message and let’s get started.


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