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Hiring a Personal Trainer vs Online Programming Considerations Part 1

Starting a journey in fitness has the potential to be very confusing and difficult. There are many things to consider, ranging from the correct facility to train at to the proper shoes to wear on training day. I’d like to look at two options that will potentially help make your fitness journey less confusing: hiring a personal trainer and purchasing online programming. This will be a two part series in which we will look at when to consider hiring a personal trainer as opposed to purchasing online programming. In the first part we will discuss how personal training can provide you with the knowledge necessary to get results, offer accountability, motivation, and help you get past injuries and plateaus to reach higher levels of fitness. 
The first, and arguably, most important reason for hiring a personal is because most people just don’t have the knowledge on how to train properly to reach their goals (Now on that topic, the staff at NBS Fitness has very strict educational requirements to become a personal trainer. Most facilities do not hold education to such a high priority. You could call the current staff at NBS highly educated meat heads.) Most commonly, people lack fitness know-how at the beginning of their fitness journey due to lack of experience. Could you imagine doing a bunch of random exercises with no guidance for months on end and having zero results? It happens more than you know. We see it on a daily basis. Knowing how to properly use the equipment goes hand-in-hand with this experience. Even the hammer strength equipment can be used improperly if the correct muscles are not being activated. I urge you not to be afraid of asking for guidance especially at the NBS facility.  This applies to beginners and experienced gym members as well. The NBS facility has every piece of equipment that an individual could need to achieve any fitness goal.  Unfortunately, all of that is a moot point if you don’t use it correctly.
Some individuals struggle with accountability. This is another great reason to hire a personal trainer. Having a monetary tie changes the mindset of some individuals and keeps them motivated to come train. The monetary accountability usually changes as a bond is formed with your trainer and they become your motivation and accountability. I know for me personally, as a strength coach and personal trainer, my goal is to have my clients comfortable and efficient with everything I teach and to progress them to the point they are capable of working out on their own with online programming. I do not think one should feel uncomfortable in their facility, nor do I feel people need to have a personal trainer indefinitely.
A third reason personal training should be considered is if you are an experienced lifter who has reached a point where you are getting injured or hitting a plateau in your lifting. One can only try so many different variations without success before you should seek help. Why not enlist the help of a professional who has a background in the area you are struggling with? The cues and technique changes needed for experienced individuals are very precise and may not be seen by your normal lifting partner. Hell, you may need to enlist the help of many experienced lifters and coaches to come up with a plan for success depending on your level of experience. No one in the strength realm has progressed to the top without seeking help from other experienced coaches.                                
These are my top three reasons to consider hiring a coach/personal trainer based on what I have seen in my time as a strength coach, personal trainer, and powerlifter. Stay tuned for the second installment of this article to see the considerations of purchasing remote (online) programming over personal training to advance your fitness goals further than you can imagine.

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