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Why Your Health Care is YOUR Responsibility

Obviously by now, everyone has heard about the hikes in insurance premiums that are going to be occurring in Tennessee or in other states for 2017. If not, you can read about Tennessee increases here. With the amounts that premiums, copays, and deductibles are increasing, its no wonder that health care is one of the most important topics in our communities right now.
This is one of the main reasons we have stayed out of most insurance carriers at Mid-South Spine and Sports Performance. It is a scary time with the rising costs of health care. Not only are costs for the patients going up, but reimbursements are going down for providers and putting them out of business as well. At this point in time the focus must be on maintaining a strong relationship between patient and doctor, and not building one that relies on whether or not they have good or bad insurance or if the doctor is in network. Even though health care is a scary subject right now, just like most bad situations there are always a few good lessons that we can take away from it.
Right now a vast majority of current health care costs are spent on chronic, preventable diseases, one of the best ways to address a hike in insurance costs is to be proactive in your own health. Heart disease, obesity, hormonal deficiencies, joint pain, and back pain are some of the most common diseases our nation faces. They account for an extremely large amount of our health care costs, and these are all conditions that can be prevented with proper attention to diet, activity, and making sure your body is moving and performing at its best.
The above mentioned reasons are why it is so important for you to be invested in your own health. This means finding ways to be proactive and preventative care. At Mid-South Spine and Sports Performance, we have an active patient base and strive to help our patients understand the importance of building proper habits to be proactive in their health. We also provide affordable cash options even if you have lost your insurance carrier, or your deductible is so high that you are going to have to pay out of pocket the entire year. Our goal is to educate and deliver this type of preventative care in order to help patients take control and address their health before they become diseased or injured. Once again, we need to shift health care to being about you the patient, and building a trusting patient/doctor relationship to support your needs.
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