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Gunshows Memphis Sexiest Woman write up

Alright alright!  WHAT A WEEKEND!  As you know, this weekend was Memphis’s Strongest (wo)Man at NBS.  We had a huge, competitive womens class which was really fun to battle with.  In retrospect, there is a lot of things I wish I could go back and change, but that’s the point of competition time and time again.

First event was Axle Press @125.  I think I ended on 12 reps.  I tore my pec 2 weeks ago and have been letting it heal up a bit and tried to kinda keep this under control as I wasn’t sure what involvement it would play.  Technically speaking, my leg drive was pretty shitty.  I should really, really look into Olympic lifting coaching to get a handle on gravity.  Next time 😉

Second event was yoke:  I HATE me a yoke walk.  I suck at it, and I always get done and feel shorter when Im done.  Surprisingly, the weight felt alright.  Im not sure if I have miscalculated the yoke I’ve been training on, but this felt 10x better than I thought it would.  I still underestimated my start and got to swinging pretty good at the beginning.


Third event was car deadlift:  20 reps with a versa.  I have never done this before and grabbed the exact worst straps for the event that were way thick and slippery.  Pretty cool event.  about half way through, I started remembering some tips that Kalle Beck has mentioned before and slid my feet out in front of me, which really helped.  Richard Brose was able to also remind me of this prior to the event.  Good coaching cues are so clutch and I appreciate those guys for their reminders.


Fourth Event was a medley:  I feel like I was moving pretty fast, but didn’t set up on my farmers and dropped those puppies twice.  Otherwise I felt kinda zippy.  Dash dashes, though.

Fifth was the keg load: no problems here. Bingo Bango Bongo.


It was great meeting everyone and I will have bigger news down the road here.  Such a good family of people, you NBSers.

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