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Gunshow 7/15/14 Squatzzzzzzz


end of training cycle 1 for meeee…once again, i neglected to check which bar I was using, so this is a 55lb bar in all videos.  I noticed after my first set that should have been 217, i bumped it up to what I thought was 225 because I hate messing around with small plates, and wound up at 235.  Also: I know I goodmorning the shit out of my squats.  I’ll work on it.  Annie Gunshow will be hitting NBS soon…stay posted on that, I suppose.  Im going to try and get all the secrets to a great mohawk from Christian, and hopefully come home with a better squat.



warmup sets




5×10 Conventional Deadlifts

Glute Ham Raises

Glute Bridges superset with banded hip abduction

Single leg RDL


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