Foot Levelers: Advantages of Custom Orthotics

Mid-South Spine and Sports Performance is happy to announce the first of a new line of services and products available for patients. Staying true to our vision of providing the best services and products for increasing performance and injury prevention, we will be adding Foot Levelers customized orthotics to our product line. This offers a higher end orthotic for a much needed solution to preventative and performance care for the foot and lower extremity. Here are three reasons Foot Levelers are being added to our available products and services.


True, Customized Fit for Maximal Support

One of the biggest issues with over the counter orthotics is they are basic cookie cutter molds which are made of cheaper, less durable material. These orthotics merely cushion the foot and often times only focus on one of the arches of the foot. The lack of quality material also means that you are sacrificing a lot of lifespan in your orthotic as well.

As any avid runner knows, regardless of what the shoe may LOOK like, there is actually a general lifespan on running shoes. The typical running shoe will last about 500 miles. This means the forces put on the shoe will eventually wear down the supportive effects of this shoe at this point. This means that your shoe is either no longer supporting you, or even worse, may be harming you. Because this support is so important, an avid runner also knows that the best shoe is almost never the cheapest one. Cheap means low quality. The same rule can be applied for orthotics. An over the counter orthotic will fail to support you AND will wear out quicker.




Foot Levelers address all three arches of the foot by utilizing a 3D scanner to create a truly customized orthotic. If your foot is well balanced, your fit will simply support your current arches and prevent future wear. If you have an abnormal arch or mechanics, your fit provides additional support to help correct and restore normal motion.


The Needs of Our Patients

Without sounding too bravado about the patients at Mid-South SSP, most patients that we help are focused on performance, results, and prevention of injury. Each individual typically puts a lot of wear on their body while at the same time expecting it to maintain a high level of output. This need is compounded upon by the fact that many of these patients also work strenuous jobs on top of their training. It is not uncommon for a patient to work a job requiring a high level of physical activity and then head to the gym afterwards for a heavy squat day. These individuals must recovery from not only the stress of their training, but from their jobs as well.


Strongmen must be able to transmit double, sometimes triple their bodyweight through their feet while moving.


Foot Levelers come in a multitude of different textures, styles, and support levels, to fit these different needs. Just as the shoe you train in is different from the shoe you work in, so are Foot Levelers. Orthotics are available for shoes and activities of all types: from athletic shoes, to casual and dress shoes, to work boots. The quality of materials used also gives this orthotic a lifespan of around two years depending on the amount of abuse it undergoes and is guaranteed by the manufacturer to last at least a year.


Better Holding Adjustments

Before even scanning the foot, we adjust the foot at least three times. Pre-scan adjustments ensure a patient’s orthotic won’t be based on a fixated foot. Wearing an orthotic formed upon a properly moving foot also allows our patients the initial adjustments longer. Furthermore, just as a house needs a solid foundation to sit on, so does the body. A properly moving foot and ankle provides a solid foundation for all other movements in the body. It also allows for spinal adjustments to hold better as well. This results in prevention, less re-exacerbation and less injury, which means less overall visits to the chiropractor.


Are you a visually educated person? Here’s a quick breakdown on why Foot Levelers are different than your average orthotic:


As always to get your own pair of orthotics or for further information on how Mid-South Spine and Sports Performance can assist your needs, contact our office! 



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