Fitness is Really No Different

I’m about to go on my first cruise next week. Some people desire to be beach-ready physique wise for cruises and I don’t really care for it, but I am planning on coming back and starting my plan to get lean right after.


I want to perform better, sure. Being at a stable weight can be good for many exercises. I’d also like to lose some of the jiggle that exists there and look better.

Why’s that important to me? I know one day I’ll be older and not able to squat as much as I used to or maybe my knees or hips will not allow me to. I know someday “being lean” is going to be harder to accomplish and harder on me to maintain even if I did.

Why not be lean during the cruise, and why after?

Because I enjoy doing it.

I enjoy the process. I enjoy the challenge. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. I enjoy the science of it. I enjoy the general feeling of betterness associated with a goal the same way I feel stronger hitting a new weight during a max life. I enjoy seeing others feeling inspired and reassured that weight loss or health improvement isn’t something that’s genetic or some distant, vague idea that only few are predisposed to accomplish.

I wasn’t always this way, I’ll admit it. I remember well the feeling of insecurity associated with being overweight and out of shape. And when I dieted way down to 173lbs from 220lbs guess what? That feeling of insecurity existed there all the same. I gained a lot of the weight back because that lifestyle wasn’t me. Was it a healthy lifestyle? I guess, but what’s really a healthy lifestyle? Part of overcoming this question and my insecurities associated with it was tapping into my why. I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing.

To me fitness should be sort of automatic. Think about other things in your life you do automatically, not because you need acknowledgement, payment, or approval from others but because you want to do it. You don’t take an album and fast forward through the songs right to the finish, you take it all in and enjoy it and the songs  you like more you listen to it again and again.

This is why exercise and diet need to be more than a health kick or fad based on the idealizations of others much like during that time I was captured by what I perceived was ideal. Exercise and diet should exist to serve you and not the other way around. Over time I realized that for ME CrossFit makes fat loss and/or muscle gain fairly accomplishable on it’s own, but I found that upon discovering NBS and getting into powerlifting and then on to CrossFit now, I found that enjoying new skills was just fun and empowering enough.

But when it comes to the execution however, coaches help you get there; they build the bridge for you to walk. You can still live your best life and we can help.



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