How Fitness Improved My Game!

Over the past year, I have focused my training on improving my game on the course. Why you may ask? There are two main reasons why I chose to do this. The first reason is actually simple. I wanted to improve my game on the course, and I’m a firm believer that begins in the gym. The second reason is I wanted to train as I have my clients train. For me, it’s the best way to understand the pros and cons of certain exercises and programs. In fact, it allows me to be a better coach, for I understand how those exercises and programs affect the game on the course. By experiencing it first hand, it enables me to put together programs that I know work for my clients and in turn help them achieve the best results. Saying that, how has my game improved from the gym? My movement, mobility, and power have greatly improved, allowing me to play the game how I want when I need it.
How has my movement improved? My movement patterns used to be affected by my poor posture, especially throughout the individual movements. Now, a large majority of my workouts begin with dynamic warm-ups, which are focused on posture and golf specific movements. Focusing on these movements before I train has helped me to improve my posture. In turn, this has helped me with my posture and body movements during my workouts and golf game. As a result of improved movement patterns, in addition to extra time working on mobility before and after exercises, I have seen great improvement in my mobility. This increased mobility has improved my ability to swing without limitations and to control my movements throughout my swing painlessly and with ease.
After improving my movement patterns and mobility, I began too shift my focus on developing more power that was specific to golf. The most effective way for me to do this was by adding plyometric and rotational work into my workouts. By adding plyometrics to my programs, I was able to add the power to my game like I wanted.
Hopefully by reading this, you can now realize how work in the weight room will improve your skills on the course. My suggestion for building an effective program is that you build it around 3 main things, and they are movement patterns, mobility and power. I feel that these three things are important in helping your game get to the next level.

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