First training session in the new space: A gym owner’s perspective

The last couple weeks have been a wild ride to say the least. Within a 4 day period we somehow managed to host a 60 person powerlifting meet with around 150 spectators and move an entire facility worth of equipment, office materials, random artifacts, and a plethora of junk across a parking lot while setting up old and new systems vital to our business processes so that we could begin business operations as usual. Looking back I realize that the only way this was even remotely possible was by the incredible willingness to help our members displayed over the four day period and an act of God. The month of April was a bit of a Murphy’s law month for me with regards to owning a business and it quite honestly kicked my butt, I’m still trying to recover. At some point I will write up an article about it for those interested in what being a business owner is like but for now I am just excited that I finally got to workout in the new space. As ironic as it sounds, being a gym owner can make getting a workout in a bit of a struggle from time to time. The past week I have been scrambling to put together the minor things in our facility like white boards, benches in the showers, and banners, along with calling window tinting companies for quotes, comcast for fax lines, and trying to get my signed moved. The acts of running a business along with trying to physically recover from a weekend of long hours, hard labor, and little sleep have taken precedent until this past Monday when I finally got back on track.

Photo May 12, 1 06 19 PM

I resumed my previous 5/3/1 plus hypertrophy program that I have the men and women powerlifting teams doing and got back on my nutrition plan. For over a year and a half I haven’t missed a single update with my nutrition coach but unfortunately missed the last two weeks. I let him know before hand that life was about to get crazy for a little bit. The combination of stress, not eating, and working 16-18 hour days ended causing me to lose 15 lbs in a 4 day period and boy did I feel it. Strength took a bit of hit but I’m sure will bounce back up after a couple of weeks of getting my weight back up and getting back in the groove of training. Here was the first training session I did in my new facility:

Squat: 225×5, 270×5, 295×5, 315×5, 340×5

Laying Leg Curls 5×10

Leg Press 4×15 reps supersetted with leg extensions 4×10 reps

Bulgarian Split Squats with a 3 sec negative, 3×12

Standing Calf Raises 4×12 plus 2 drop sets to failure

Seated Calf Raises 4×8

Afterwards I questioned the intelligence behind putting my new office on the second story…but it sure does feel good to be back.Photo May 12, 1 05 35 PM

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