Fall Reminders and New Information!

Here at Mid-South Spine and Sports Performance, we operate at a three season a year pace. We have Spring, Summer and FALL FOOTBALL SEASON! In preparation for the upcoming Fall Sports season, we would like to outline some basic fall reminders as well as cover a few big announcements.


1) Dr. Detweiler will be present for ALL Home Memphis Football Games

As the Team Chiropractor, I am present for all home football games and any away games that become scheduled by the football program. This means that for any early Saturday games, office hours may be closed or shortened to accommodate the Memphis Football team’s needs. As most games are either night games this DOES NOT mean that every home Saturday game will result in a closing of the office. I promise to do my best to continue to post and block out scheduling for conflicting dates as needed.

2) Office hours will be changing in September

Along with above changes in office hours due to gamedays, there will be a PERMANENT change in office hours starting in September. Current Thursday morning hours (9am – 1:30pm) will move to the evening to 1pm – 7pm. This change was in two part to provide better access to care for both University of Memphis Athletics AND the patients at Mid-South Spine and Sports Performance. As most of you patients are more active in the evenings, we have decided that this will allow you to take advantage of later hours that better surround your work schedule. This will be the first of many reminders of our new hours.

3) We will be holding special drawings for FREE Football Tickets!

You heard it, FREE TICKETS. Stop by at Mid-South Spine and Sports Performance for a chiropractic visit or RPR visit and instantly be entered to win a pair of tickets! Entries will be drawn for the next game a week beforehand. One entry will be given per visit.


Be sure to stay tuned for more updates and news at Mid-South Spine and Sports Performance!


Mid South and Spine and Sports Performance

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