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Exercise of the Month- November

I decided to start a monthly blog series on exercises that will not only improve your overall strength, but also your game. This month’s “exercise of the month” is a Farmer’s Carry.

What is a Farmer’s Carry? The easiest way to explain this exercise is to pick up something heavy and walk with it. When performing a Farmer’s Carry, I normally use anything from kettlebells, dumbbells, sandbags, hexbars and Farmer’s Carry handles. Sounds pretty easy, right? I dare you to try it and figure out that answer for yourself! Here’s an example:

How does a Farmer’s Carry help? A Farmer’s Carry is a great exercise for strength and overall total body coordination, which is important in any sport or just daily life. I like to program Farmer’s Carry for my golfers because it helps improve grip strength and core stability. These two components, grip strength and core stability, play a major role in developing an efficient swing. However, core stability plays the leading role. Without core stability, we are unable to control our torso while rotating. Last time I checked, this is an ability every golfer needs in order to be efficient. Which is exactly why Farmer’s Carry should be present in every golfer’s program, for it requires you to engage the core throughout the entire exercise. Go out and give them a try!

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