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Exercise of the Month – January

The exercise of the month for February is the deadlift. Deadlifting is an important element to any strength-training program whether you’re just starting out or following an advanced program. It’s a great full body exercise because it engages both the upper and lower body. In fact, it also shocks your nervous system and improves total body coordination. Furthermore, the deadlift is especially important for golfers of any level. Why you may ask? When performing a deadlift, you are using multiple joints and strengthening many of the muscles used in the golf swing. One of the major components involved in the deadlift is the ability to hinge your hips, which also plays a crucial role in golf. By strengthening the muscles involved in deadlifting you will be able to create more power in the golf swing. Here is a video of one of my athletes performing a deadlift from blocks:

Best part about deadlifting is that everyone can do them. So you have no excuse not try it this month!






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